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Futsal209 Selected To Join Futsal Elite

Futsal209 has been selected as an expansion club starting in 2021 for the United Futsal Champions Cup Series. The United Futsal Champions Cup Series is the first global youth futsal competition series for the highest level of futsal teams across the world.

In the United States there are 3 regions of participating teams. Futsal209 will compete in the West Region joining Northern California clubs Ballistic (Bay Area), Mustang (Bay Area), DeAnza Force/Thorns (Bay Area), and Anthem (Sacramento).

"This is an incredible honor and opportunity for our club and the Central Valley region," said Club Director Gabriel Bolton. "Our vision by joining United Futsal is to provide a pathway for futsal players in the Central Valley, regardless of club, to play at the highest level. This is not just something for Futsal209. This is an opportunity for all clubs in our region and we look forward to partnering with all that are interested."

While officially Futsal209 won't start competing as a full club until 2021, the 2007 girl's team will travel to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida this summer to play in the Summer National Championships and the World Futsal Championships.

As a United Futsal member club, Futsal209 will have exclusive access to the Champions Cup Series. Players that compete for Futsal209 will also have the opportunity to participate in the Top 12 Experience. The Top 12 Experience offers 12 players in six training age groups the opportunity to come together, train with the best European coaches, compete and live like a professional futsal player for nine days in Barcelona, Spain.

Futsal209 is club neutral and is not affiliated with any outdoor club. Players will be selected to Futsal209 teams through a trial process and scouting. If selected to a team all participants are informed that their commitment to their outdoor club comes first. Futsal practices are typically scheduled in a manner so as to not conflict with outdoor competitions, games and practices.

For those players selected to compete on teams playing in United Futsal's Champion Series Cup the commitment is higher. However the experience is still meant to supplement, not compete with, the development they are receiving with their club.

For more information about our selection as an expansion club check out the United Futsal press release If you would like to find out more about United Futsal go to

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