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Club Structure

In order to ignite a futsal revolution in the Central Valley and beyond we believe it is our mission to provide futsal opportunities to all ages and levels 12 months a year.  

Our club has a simple structure beginning with our grassroots program which is designed to reach out to the youngest ages starting at 5 years old and extends to older beginner futsalers.  

For those that are more serious about using futsal to help them develop as soccer players we offer our training program.  This provides participants with consistent futsal training that is sure to help them grow as a soccer player.  Futsal is a tremendous cross training opportunity for socer players that improves speed, game intelligence, quickness, agility, and technical skill.

Our select teams are for those players that want to compete in futsal at a local level.  This is a great complement to our training program.  Competition is typically limited to the Central Valley and Northern California.  This is similar to playing competitive soccer.  

Finally, the serious futsaler will want to be a part of our United Futsal CCS Teams.  This is the highest level of youth futsal in the United States.  Futsal209 is the exclusive pathway to the United Futsal Champions Cup Series (CCS), National Training Camp, and Futures program.  Our CCS teams learn and play the game of futsal at the highest level.


Our CCS Teams are made up of the top futsal players from clubs all over the Central Valley.  Since we are the only club that has access to CCS player come to our club specifically to compete in these events.  It is a unique experience that requires both talent and commitment.   

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