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Our Past

Dedicated to revolutionizing player development, Futsal209 was founded in 2019 by Gabriel and Kathy Bolton.  We were joined by a small community board (Angela Naranjo, Sam Ronveaux, Sandra Muntaroe, Chris Valdivia, Holly Alcorn Morgan Cathey and Guillermo Ramirez) of futsal and youth sports enthusiasts that wanted to grow the game in our area.  We started with one 2007 girl's team, two 2010 girl's teams that were both almost exclusively recreational players, and a pilot training program for 5 & 6 year olds.  Our Pilot Program was made possible thanks to the many volunteer hours of Jenna Zuniga.  

Our Present

Futsal209 is club neural.  We are the first any only futsal specific club in the Central Valley and we are not affiliated with any outdoor club.  Playing for Futsal209 is meant to supplement, not compete with, a player's outdoor club.  

In January 2020 we were selected as an expansion club for United Futsal's Champions Cup Series.  This is the highest level of competition for futsal in the US.  Starting in 2021 Futsal209 will compete as a full member of United Futsal joining such clubs as Ballistic United, DeAnza Force and Mustang.  We are the ONLY United Futsal Club in the Central Valley (Stockton - Bakersfield) and one of only 24 in the nation.  

Our Future

Our mission is simple.  We want to build ballers on the futsal court and in life.  For too long in the United State futsal has been missing as a part of player development.  Our goal is to provide that component through training and competition for kids in the Central Valley.  We look forward to partnering with like minded people in our community to create a culture of futsal.  

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