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Our Story

Let's face it. Usually the highest levels of competition are reserved for the big clubs. The ones with all of the letters after their name. DA, ECNL, ABCDEFG etc...


So how is a small club with less than 100 members located in the city of Turlock a couple of months away from taking on the world?


Our story is a little different...


It starts with a love for the game of futsal, a strong belief in the talent located in the Central Valley, a passion for player development, and a bold ask.

We wanted to create an opportunity for futsalers in this community to play fútbol sala (futsal) at the highest level. But we didn't want to just be an outdoor club that also plays futsal in the winter months to develop our soccer skills. We wanted to be a futsal club. Our sister organization Central Valley Futsal had just started the Central Valley Futsal League. It was a huge success. The talent here in the Central Valley was obvious. So we made a move and created Futsal209. A futsal-only club. Unaffiliated with any outdoor soccer club.


Next came the ask. We approached the top youth futsal organization in the world, United Futsal, and presented them with a bold plan. Let us take on the world. We outlined how a small futsal-only club in the talent-rich Central Valley of California was ready for the challenge. They agreed!


Just when we were taking off the pandemic hit. It slowed us down. But we are back up and running. Some are doubting us. They say there isn't enough talent in our community to compete on the global stage. We aren't listening to them. We aren't interested in letting others define our limitations. As Boston RedSox owner John Henry once said, we know "the first guy through the wall always gets bloody." We just keep moving forward. Building partnerships with clubs like Diestro Futsal and staying true to our mission. We are laying the foundation for a club like no other.


The next part of this story is still being written. Join us and let's write it together...

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