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Training Program Costs:

  • $35 Futsal209 Membership:  this includes futsal specific coaching (2x per month), facility fees, training shirt and admin.

  • $12.50 United Futsal Registration (paid directly to United Futsal).

Pre-CCS Teams

Pre-CCS teams are created in age groups that we are preparing to compete in the United Futsal Champions Cup Series. 

On average these teams practice 2x per month, usually on Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons.  Players learn futsal specific skills (most of which are transferable to outdoor soccer), the rules of the game, and tactics like futsal formations.  While these age groups do not compete in the Champions Cup Series we do look for opportunities for them to play in local futsal events.  

Players are selected to our Pre-CCS teams by attending Open Trials and through our scouting network.  We keep approximately 12-15 players on each team.  This training is not meant to conflict with any outdoor team.    

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