Futsal Training Program

Training Program Costs:

  • $99 Annual Membership (this includes facility fees, training shirt and admin).

  • $25 per month training fee (2-3) trainings per month;

Many of the world's greatest players credit futsal with their development as soccer players.  Our Futsal Training Program is specifically designed for the serious soccer player who wants to take their game to the next level.  Through the sport of futsal our players develop superior technical skills, speed, agility, quickness, and game intelligence.  In order to participate in the program you must be selected through the Futsal209 Open Training process or scouted.  Players accepted into this program train on average 2-3 times per month (more if attending a competition), typically on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons.  The program runs December 1 to August 1.  

This training is meant to supplement and not compete with your outdoor club.  If there are conflicts you are expected to attend your outdoor club practices and games. No more than 18 players per age group are selected to the training program.  In addition to training, players from the training program can be selected to compete with Futsal209 at top futsal events around California and the country.  These are an additional cost and there is no guarantee of selection.

Age Groups:

  •  2014/15 Boys & Girls   

  • 2012/13 Boys & Girls

  • 2010/11 Boys & Girls

  • 2008/09 Boys & Girls

  • 2006/07 Boys & Girls

  • 2005/2002 Girls    

Why Futsal?

  • It's Fun!

  • It's Fast!

  • More Touches

  • More Goals

  • More Moves

  • Develop Soccer IQ

  • Gain speed, agility and quickness.

  • Gain Confidence!